Warmth. We combine traditional and progressive worship practices with a non- judgmental embrace of all our congregants to create an open, informal, and home-like environment.

Inclusiveness. We welcome and honor Jewish and interfaith persons of diverse backgrounds, ages, denominations, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Open-mindedness. Our synagogue leaders encourage congregants to share insights and ideas that can help us adapt and thrive in a challenging environment.  They readily accept, test, and implement suggestions and recommendations for enriching our religious services, enlivening our social events, and strengthening our ties both to the Chelsea Jewish diaspora and the current Chelsea community.

Equality. Women and men sit together and participate as equals in all our religious services and social activities.  We respect every congregant regardless of their financial resources, membership tenure, or social standing.

Kindness. We express loving care and active concern for each other. For the members of our congregant family, our “mutual caring team” offers solace and comfort at times of illness, bereavement, or grief; visits the ailing and infirm in their homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices; and provides spiritual and emotional support to the care-givers.

Continuity. We take pride in preserving from one generation to the next the priceless memories and cultural legacy embodied in Temple Emmanuel.